Clickfunnels Affiliate Program: How To Promote Clickfunnels As An Affiliate (2022)

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Before we speak about Clickfunnels affiliate program, we have to know how to choose a good affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is responsible for 15% of all eCommerce revenue, according to Investopedia.

Nowadays, almost every company has an affiliate program: AliExpress, Nike, Walmart, and the majority of software firms have an affiliate program.

However, not all affiliate marketing programs are made equal, and not all affiliate marketing programs are worth promoting.

How to Choose a Reliable Affiliate Program?

Before you choose an affiliate program to promote, you should be aware of the requirements that constitute a GREAT affiliate program:

1-Joining the affiliate program must be completely free.

You will not be asked to pay to become an affiliate in any affiliate program.

2-The affiliate program offers a variety of products, including high-ticket product/s, as well as a complete line of products that you can promote and upsell, down-sell, and cross-sell to customers.

Physical and digital products and services are the three types of things that you can promote.

Physical products usually have a smaller commission and are a one-time commission.

To make it worthwhile, you’ll need to sell a lot of products.

Software products, on the other hand, have substantially smaller overheads, allowing software businesses to pay a much higher commission.

There are affiliate programs with commission rates ranging from 40% to 70%.

Sometimes, there are commission rates of 100% for some launch products. That’s just amazing!

Affiliate programs (digital products and services) that provide recurring monthly commissions are better than one-time commissions (physical products).

In contrast to tangible products, you don’t need to sell hundreds of units (digital products and services) each month to generate a sizable profit.

You will continue to profit from a sale (digital products and services) once you’ve made one!

Finally, the digital product or the service must have a free trial and a good refund policy

On the contrary, promoting the wrong product may harm your credibility and, as a result, your reputation and affiliate marketing business, even if the compensation rates are higher.

First, we have to answer this question: What is affiliate marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Revenue sharing, where each party can benefit from the venture, is the core of affiliate marketing.

Many people who produce worthwhile goods are unable to effectively market them to a large audience.

A marketing partnership in which an online merchant pays a commission to an affiliate for referral traffic or sales.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing involves three different parties :




There is a guide from Neil Patel which explains further this idea

Second, we have to answer the following question: what is Clickfunnels?

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a funnel builder.

Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson create Clickfunnels in October 2014.

The main goal of Clickfunnels is to build effective funnels (utility before beauty): 

  1. Sales funnels
  2. Launch funnels
  3. Webinar funnels
  4. Subscription funnels
  5. Follow-up funnels
  6. Checkout pages
  7. Landing pages
  8. Etc…

(Businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers in any niche) use Clickfunnels to create leads and convert traffic into paying consumers.

ClickFunnels is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means it’s a web-based software that requires no download or installation

As a result, influencers and affiliates from a wide range of sectors can participate in this affiliate program and make money by referring customers to ClickFunnels.

Any type of business can make use of sales funnels.

Businesses like the following are just a few that ClickFunnels can help:

1-Agency / Freelancer

2-Information Products


4-Coaching / Consulting

5-Network Marketing

6-Local Small Business

7-B2B Lead Generation

8-Blogging / Affiliate



Weight loss professionals, fitness coaches, yoga trainers, relationship gurus, marriage counselors, or any other form of the service provider or consultant can use different ClickFunnels templates to produce leads

ClickFunnels is marketing automation and lead generation software that has over 100,000 paying customers worldwide.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

A ClickFunnels affiliate is someone who is compensated for bringing new customers into the ClickFunnels product ecosystem.

The software, which is a monthly subscription, is the main product of ClickFunnels.

Russell’s courses also have 30-day refund policies, allowing people to subscribe risk-free.

This software has a 14-day trial period

Clickfunnels affiliate program is one of the most well-known and profitable SaaS affiliate programs (software as a service).

Russell Brunson is one of the world’s most successful marketers.

As a result, when you send traffic to Clickfunnels offers, it will convert effectively.

Russell Brunson used the tripwire offer method in many of his offers

Tripwire offer is a low-cost offer that is easy to persuade your clients to purchase.

A free book offer with shipping charges is an example of a Tripwire offer.

Your customers must pay them (shipment charges).

A free quiz is another example of a Tripwire offer.

Russell Brunson employs the Tripwire offer approach frequently in his offerings.

This method is highly effective.

Examples of Clickfunnels tripwire offer include a 14-day free trial of the Clickfunnels program, Traffic Secrets Book, Expert Secrets Book, and so on.

The examples of tripwire offers:

  1. Traffic Secrets Book
  2. Expert Secrets Book
  3. DotCom Secrets Book
  4. Etc

Clickfunnels affiliate program levels

Clickfunnels affiliate program has three levels:

The first level is that you can not promote immediately Clickfunnels software when you sign up for an affiliate account.

However, you can promote immediately:

  1. Two Comma Club Live
  3. DotCom Secrets Summit
  4. Brick And Mortar Summit
  5. Traffic Secrets Book
  6. DotCom Secrets Book
  7. Expert Secrets Book
  8. 5-Day Lead Challenge
  9. 30 Day Summit
  10. Funnel Hacking Secrets Autowebinar
  11. FBS Webinar Order Form-Funnel Builder Secrets
  12. Perfect Webinar Secrets
  13. FHL Encore 2022

However, there is a way to indirectly advertise Clickfunnels Software by sharing your funnels created with Clickfunnels with your audience.

You will receive 20% of the recurring commissions if the software is sold.

However, your funnels must convert well or you may lose your client’s trust.

When you achieve $1000 in commissions within a month, you can join the second level of affiliates.

As a member of the second level of Clickfunnels affiliates, you start earning 30% of recurring commissions if the software is sold.

The primary distinction between the first level and second level of affiliates is that with the first level, you cannot directly advertise the Clickfunnels software while with the second level, you can directly promote it.

When you have 40 or more active users of the Clickfunnels program, you can join the third level of affiliates.

As a result, if there is any purchase of the Clickfunnels program, you can make 40% of the recurring commission when you join the third level of affiliates.

The Clickfunnels developers are experts in upselling and funnel design.

Now, we will answer this question: how to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate?

How To Promote Clickfunnels As An Affiliate?

ClickFunnels affiliate program provides ClickFunnels members and non-members the opportunity to generate income

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is free to join.

Unlike other sales funnel affiliate programs, you don’t have to be an active user of ClickFunnels in order to join it.

If you decide to become an affiliate marketer with ClickFunnels, you have to be accepted by the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

Your Clickfunnels affiliate account hosts all the ads, copy, banners, emails, graphics, tools, and your own affiliate ID links for each product promotion.

Clickfunnels software optimizes these ads, copy, banners, emails, graphics, and tools

All you have to do is to sign up for a free account, and you will receive your own affiliate link that you can use to promote Clickfunnels.

You can become a ClickFunnels affiliate in one of three ways:

1) You are an affiliate by default if you use the ClickFunnels software.

2) Become a member of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

3) You become an affiliate if you sign up using the official ClickFunnels affiliate page.

How To Promote Clickfunnels Offers With A Youtube Channel.

Your videos must answer the questions of the Clickfunnels audience.

On, you may find the frequently asked questions by Clickfunnels public.

Additionally, you can include your affiliate links in the YouTube video descriptions.

You have the opportunity to generate commissions from your affiliate offers and you can also make money from advertising revenue on the Youtube platform.

If you are confident in front of the camera, YouTube is definitely a way to promote Clickfunnels’ products.

YouTube is a great resource for finding information.

It is easier to rank Youtube videos than rank blog posts, even if you are a new user.

If you are ashamed to show your face, there are many different types of screen video software available, so find one that works best for you and get started creating videos

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How To Promote Clickfunnels Offers With Blog Posts

You can write blog posts about Clickfunnels-related issues and display banner ads for this software on your WordPress website.

You have to choose WordPress because it is the best platform for SEO (search engine optimization)

If you want to rank quickly on Google, you must stay away from highly competitive keywords (only if your website is an authority website).

Competitive keywords like “Clickfunnels review” should be out of your league right now.

That is a big mistake that some new bloggers make in the beginning.

You must select long-tail keywords with low competition.

It is important to understand that if you target long-tail keywords, you will not need to obtain backlinks from other websites and your website will rank naturally.

I enjoy blogging since I am completely in control of my blog and I can easily include affiliate links in my blog posts without facing any restrictions from third parties.

I always recommend Bluehost for hosting and WordPress as CMS (content management system)

How To Promote Clickfunnels Offers With Quora

Quora is a great platform for asking and answering questions that might bring users to your blog, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Start answering pertinent questions on Quora concerning topics like affiliate marketing, sales funnels, or ClickFunnels.

Answer the topic on Quora in a way that is meaningful, pertinent, and well-written.

Include a link to the relevant page in your response that directs the reader to your website.

You need to be aware of the Quora Policy, which forbids you from submitting replies with bare links.

How To Promote Clickfunnels Offers With Social Media

The difference between Google and YouTube on one side and social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, on the other side, is that content posted on social media can go viral more easily, but it expires quickly. However, if your posts rank on Google or Youtube, they can stay there for years.

This is why starting a blog or a YouTube channel are two of the best options available to you. For years, the content you publish there can drive traffic to your affiliate links.

While you can run ads on almost any platform, Google and Facebook are two of the best because they have the most users and can help you target any type of person you want to sell to.

There are three ways to use Facebook to increase traffic:

Facebook group – (You can start your own group or join one that has already been started. Participate in group discussions and spread the word as people get to know you. You can start directing them to your landing page or website.

Your Facebook profile (You can shorten your affiliate link and add it there so that it is visible to visitors when they visit your page. Make sure your profile has a compelling bio.

Ads on Facebook (You can run advertisements on Facebook if you want to scale your business faster but it costs money and sometimes you may not get the return on your investment)

What Is The ClickFunnels Sharing Funnel And How Does It Work?

The ClickFunnels account is very user-friendly for building sales funnels.

In your ClickFunnels account, each funnel you create has its own URL.

The URL link can be copied and posted on your website or any social media channel (Facebook, Youtube, etc).

A ClickFunnels page will be displayed when someone clicks on the shared link.

For free access to the sales funnel you have created for them on the ClickFunnels website, they will be required to log in or register.

If the customer has a ClickFunnels account, the sales funnel is automatically downloaded there.

The person can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels if they aren’t already a member and gain access to the free sales funnel.

The prevalence of ClickFunnels has created a new career field – funnel consultants.

The income potential is not to be underestimated.

As more entrepreneurs start using online marketing to promote their businesses, the demand for sales funnels tools will continue to grow.

This is a great opportunity to create funnels for others using ClickFunnels.

It’s especially easy with ClickFunnels, and if you get a name or a good reputation in this field, you can get more work and even outsource the building of funnels to others.

Look for job opportunities on websites like Upwork.

Make sure to include your funnel URL in each funnel you create for your bonus commissions.

This shows that your funnel is growing and is in use.

The ClickFunnels service is an excellent way for members to earn money while practicing their building skills.

However, all of these funnels were created using Clickfunnels®.

As a result, you must utilize it to clone them.

They are not compatible with other sales funnel builders

Sticky Cookie

Sticky cookies are trackers that are installed on both your browser and the browsers of visitors who click on your affiliate link.

A sticky cookie is added when a customer clicks on the affiliate link that is present in your funnel.

From this point on, any transactions or sign-ups can result in a commission for the affiliate within 45 days

Affiliate Avengers Community

You will have access to a Facebook group where more than 90,000 business owners can come together to exchange tips and tactics for building their lists and promoting ClickFunnels.

How does Clickfunnels pay its affiliates?

A significant development occurred in late 2018 when Clickfunnels switched to a new payment processor to allow affiliates more control over affiliate commissions.

Tipalti is a brand-new payment processor.

Giving affiliates more alternatives for receiving their commissions was one of the driving forces behind the migration to Tipalti.

Tipalti offers:


2-Direct Deposit



5-International ACH (e-check)

6-Money Wires

Affiliate commissions are credited to your account 75 days after a successful referral (after the customer makes the payment)

It’s also worth noting that ClickFunnels will not pay your taxes, so you’ll have to handle them independently.

You will be paid in US dollars regardless of whether you live in the US or not.

It’s worth noting that you can only cash out once you’ve reached a balance of $100 or more.

To be eligible for payout, you must have at least $100 in your ClickFunnels affiliate account.

Affiliate rewards from ClickFunnels are made on the first and fifteenth of every month.

The business day before the holiday will be used to pay commissions if either of these dates falls on a holiday.


In conclusion, the Clickfunnels affiliate program has many advantages.

However, it is like all affiliate programs: you have to work hard to earn commissions.

What about you? What do you think? Is Clickfunnels affiliate program a good affiliate program?

Let me know in the comments!

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